Top Mount Shaker Bottle

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The Top Mount Apparel Shaker Bottle

It has taken us over 3 years to find a shaker bottle that had the overall requirements we could put our name behind 

Dishwasher safe: We have put these shaker bottles through some tough situations besides an every day use. We have put these shaker bottles on the bottom shelf of dishwashers which can be the hottest part of a dishwasher and they do not get deformed. The print remains in tack 

note: we don’t recommend you abuse your shaker bottle. We abused ours so you don’t have to abuse yours

Raised lettering print: The print used on these bottles is not what you have seen on most bulk sold bottles. The logos are printed but feel as if they were molded onto the bottle. The pictures don’t do it justice

100% MADE IN THE USA! Most shaker bottle LIDS are made in the USA but the actual container part is made in some other country. Check the bottom of your shaker bottle. These shaker bottles are made from TOP to bottom in the good ole USA