Customer Reviews

Top Mount puts out a great product with a really sharp-looking logo. My husband asks for Top Mount gear for every bithday and holiday, and I am happy to oblige.

- Rachel Farmer

Daughter competed at AGF St. Louis , we had the pleasure to meet the fellas at the Booth . She wanted a hoodie with the Top Mount Logo , great quality , slick looking logo ! Definitely be making some purchases in the future ! Thanks fellas ! 

- Tony White

What can I say--if we could vote 6 out 5 stars I would! Everything was packaged well and tight, with enough tape to remind me of receiving care packages in college from my mother. It was prompt, included a sticker, AND a handwritten thank you note. I mean, who does that anymore? They do! and will forever have my business for it. I ordered a t shirt for a lanky buddy at the gym that uses Dead orchards and darces like they're free candy. He said it was the best birthday gift this year! Kudos, Top Mount. I've spread the word at gyms around Tampa, FL.
( With a teeny tiny bit of thanks to Paul and Kip for mentioning the discount on grappling dads. It'll really help us with our Journeys later;)

- Sophia Nicole

About Us

Top Mount Apparel was founded by Alvaro Moreno A Purple Belt under James and Ron Hill (The Hill Brothers) both 4th Degree Black Belts at SUDA MMA in Plainfield IL

We are a Jiu-Jitsu Based Clothing Apparel Company for ALL Jiu-Jitsu Athletes, young or seasoned we all live a lifestyle that many can't appreciate. From the Practitioners who live in the dojos to the ones who attend class once or twice a week. Top Mount Apparel was founded with the Jiu-Jitsu practicioner in mind, from the serious to funny side of Jiu Jitsu. We can all agree that Jiu Jitsu can be a GREAT form of therapy and or stress reliever.

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