Official Top Mount Gym Bag Backpack

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  • The Official Top Mount Gym Bag Back Pack

Designed for every day use

Whether its for Jiu-Jitsu, the Gym or travel this bag can accommodate

Designed with the White Belt to Black Belt color scheme with red stitching and TO THE TOP mindset

  • Features our classic TM Logo fully embroidered on the front pocket and our Est. Logo fully embroidered on each side pocket
  • One pocket features an insulated liner to help keep your liquids or items cold/hot
  • The other same sized pocket also features 2small mesh pockets inside that can be used for smaller items such as hand sanitizer, supplements or snacks
  • Backpack also features a fully expandable bottom pocket lined with mesh to help keep sweaty gear away from main pocket
  • Bag straps can be hidden so bag can be used as a Gym Bag
  • Bag features a Laptop pocket used for travel or notebook pocket to be used for note taking during class
  • Top of the bag features a small compartment used to hold ipods, keys, wallet or any small item for quick access