We all have our own Regardless

Day in and day out we fight to make it through hardships

STILL we fight, we have goals that drive us to become a better person or a better athlete

With this movement we're trying to help people see beyond their current situation

Some want to become a better parent, coach, employee, student, become world champion, run a successful business, lose weight, or live a better healthier lifestyle

Along the way life has a funny way of challenging us and asking us if we want it bad enough

Question is: Will you show up REGARDLESS?

Regardless of the heart aches and obstacles that life throws at us

Regardless of the failures

Regardless of injuries

Regardless of lacking motivation

When every single cell in your body is begging you to quit and move on to something easier

What will you accomplish Regardless?

Some fight battles everyday that nobody knows about but they are still here Regardless of how much they want to give up