Our sponsored athletes

Kamilah Khan

-Kamilah Khan
-13 years old
-Competes under the Carlson Gracie Team trained by Steve Colon and Adrienne Einikis
-Yellow and White Belt
-training for 6 years
-Best advice I’ve received is from my coach Adrienne.

"Have fun training on the good days as well as the bad. Try new skills instead of just sticking with what you are good at. You won’t get better without trying new stuff"
-Book that I would gift some one, while there are many, my favorite book is Called Ground Zero and I’d definitely give to someone as a gift.

To me Top Mount Apparel Stand for a company that not only provides good products, but cares about their Athletes. They prefer good character in someone they bring in and not just someone who always wins.

My jiu jitsu goal is to be a black belt by 25 and to also to be a world champion like my Coach Prof. Adrienne.